About Us

In giving us His Son, His only Word, He spoke everything to us at once...St. John of the Cross

ZapBible, also known as Zap Bible, offers a unique abbreviated version of the ancient catholic daily readings and psalms as practiced by the faithful for centuries throughout the world - There are many daily scripture guides or lectionaries for multiple religions and churches around the world - ZapBible is focused on the most universally used lectionary as a way to connect scripture and people in all parts of the globe on a daily basis since 2004.

A note from Mike March 1, 2021:

In 2004 we owned nothing, I owed thousands, we had to borrow money in order to eat. One day when my meager salary was delayed we borrowed enough money to go have a meal from a very godly family, we had never felt such hunger. God, through a few close family members and friends helped keep us afloat through a very difficult few years. I made a promise to start and to continue updating ZapBible with the hope that it would be a beacon of hope to someone, somewhere in the world at some time. 

We are now very blessed with everything we could ever want, and we thank God every day for his bountiful blessings. 

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