Meditation Links

 the farther one travels, the less one knows...George Harrison

Cloud of Unknowing A Book of Contemplation The Which Is Called The Cloud Of Unknowing, In The Which A Soul Is Oned With God  read more

1988 & 1936 Poems by C. Wimmer & M. Stevenson Christian poetry by lay authors with fascinating histories read more

Lectio Divina How to use the Bible as a tool for 
meditation. In Latin, on of the many ancient languages spoken by the first disciples read more

Biblical Mediation Centre 
Experience a power greater than that of the atom - the power of biblical mediation read more

5 Creative Ways to Meditate on God's Word 
You know how important it is to study God's Word in depth. But, how read more

John Main's Christian Meditation The Christian Meditation movement, begun by John Main, OSB, is spreading around the world read more

Ongoing Meditation Your my meditation all the day. 
- Psalm 119:97. Meditation on God's Word doesn't have to end read more

The Discipline of Biblical Meditation 
We live in a time when it seems our every waking moment is filled with chatter from read more

Five Steps to Meditating on the Bible Meditate to Focus - Meditate to Understand - Meditate to Remember - Meditate to Worship - Meditate to Apply
 read more

Biblical Meditation Includes the Heart A 7-Step Meditation Process Which Results in Revelation
 read more